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The process started again on Wednesday

The process started again on Wednesday

A date for the trial before the Higher Regional Court has not yet been set.

Franco A., who comes from Offenbach, was in custody for a good six months from the end of April 2017. He is accused of having planned an attack out of right-wing extremist sentiments. Accordingly, he wanted to direct suspicion of refugees – and therefore had himself registered as an asylum seeker from Syria under a false identity.

According to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, the attack should be perceived as a radical Islamist act of terrorism. The case made headlines. Franco A. is still a Bundeswehr soldier, but is not allowed to wear a uniform.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, which was brought in at the end of 2017 and has now been approved, Lieutenant Franco A. should include politicians such as today’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth (Greens) or human rights activist and journalist Anetta Kahane as targets.

Among other things, he is said to have obtained a G3 semi-automatic rifle, pistols, more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and more than 50 explosive devices. The federal prosecutor also accuses Franco A. of violations of the War Weapons Control Act, the Arms and Explosives Act, as well as theft and fraud.

The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court initially did not see sufficient suspicion of terrorism and did not allow the indictment against Franco A. in mid-2018. The Federal Prosecutor General took action against this before the Federal Court of Justice. Franco A. would otherwise have been charged with less serious offenses before the Darmstadt Regional Court. Preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state can be punished with up to ten years imprisonment according to the criminal code.

“The fact that Franco A. can now be charged with a serious act of violence that endangers the state is very much to be welcomed,” said the Green parliamentary deputy Konstantin von Notz. “Right-wing terrorist structures must be resolutely clarified and combated.”

It was only in mid-September that a friend of Franco A. was convicted by the Giessen Regional Court for storing Bundeswehr ammunition and explosive devices for him. The judges were convinced that he took over the items in Offenbach in April 2017 and stored them in his room in a student dormitory in Friedberg, Hesse.

The man is taking action against his one-year suspended sentence. He had confessed that he had kept the ammunition and the explosive devices for Franco A. – but he said he didn’t think anything about it. Franco A. had exercised his right not to testify in order not to incriminate himself.

They allegedly tortured people themselves and contributed to torture. Charges have now been brought against two former Syrian intelligence officials. The charge: crimes against humanity. 

The federal prosecutor’s office has charged two alleged former employees of the Syrian secret service with crimes against humanity. The men are said to have managed a torture prison and worked on it, as the prosecution in Karlsruhe announced. One of the accused is also charged with 58 murders, rape and sexual assault.

The men were arrested in Berlin and Rhineland-Palatinate in February this year and have been in custody ever since. According to the indictment, the main accused Anwar R., who is accused of the murders and other crimes, headed a unit specializing in combating opposition activists against ruler Bashar al-Assad in 2011 and 2012. Suspects were systematically tortured in a prison operated by them.

Thousands are said to have been tortured

As head of the secret service unit, R. had controlled the processes in the prison and was therefore also responsible for the deaths of at least 58 prisoners, the authority said. Accordingly, he belonged to Department 251 of the secret service responsible for the region around the capital Damascus.argumentative essay on nuclear energy At least 4,000 prisoners were tortured in prison under his supervision, including with whips and electric batons.

The second defendant, Eyad A., worked according to the indictment in a department that worked for R.’s unit. He was therefore responsible for arrests and is said to have persecuted participants in a demonstration critical of the government and brought them to prison in 2011, although he knew about the torture. He is therefore charged with complicity in crimes against humanity.

According to the findings of the German investigators, the two men left Syria in 2012 and 2013 and entered the Federal Republic at different times, after initially spending time elsewhere. R. came to Germany in July 2014, A. in August 2018.

The indictment was brought before the Higher Regional Court in Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, which is now responsible for examining the allegations and possibly opening a process. When this would be was still open.

“” Assad’s torture system “”

The human rights organization European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) spoke of the foreseeable first criminal trial for torture in Syria worldwide. “The indictment is an important sign, especially for those affected by Assad’s torture system,” said Secretary General Wolfgang Kaleck in Berlin. The ECCHR claims to be looking after 14 Syrians who were tortured in the prison and who gave testimony to German investigators.

Protests broke out in Syria in the spring of 2011, which were brutally suppressed by the government and resulted in a civil war that has continued to this day. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 60,000 people have died there as a result of torture or poor detention conditions since the beginning of the conflict. The United Nations repeatedly accused the conflicting parties of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In connection with the investigations and arrests of R. and A. in February, a third alleged former Syrian secret service agent was arrested in France. This man is also charged with complicity in crimes against humanity. The French judiciary is investigating him. 

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 According to ECCHR, the proceedings against all the accused are the result of a whole series of criminal charges that the organization has filed together with around 50 Syrians in Germany, Sweden and Austria since 2016. A trial against R. and A. would also be an “” important sign in the fight against impunity, “” she emphasized.

Sources used: Attorney General: Press release from October 29, 2019 by the AFP news agency

A man was shot in a bar in Cologne. The charge is collective murder. The process began on Tuesday at the Cologne Regional Court.

Three alleged members of the “” Hells Angels “” will stand before the Cologne district court for murder on Tuesday. Two defendants are said to have shot a man in a bar in the Nippes district of Cologne on November 25, 2015. The third defendant is said to have given them the whereabouts of the victim. The public prosecutor’s office considers the act to be a punitive action for a break-in a few days earlier in a “” Hells Angels “” meeting point. But the main culprit is still on the run.

According to the indictment, the rockers offered a reward of 5,000 euros for clues about the intruders after the burglary. Thereupon the third accused reported and named the bar in Nippes as the whereabouts of the alleged burglars. The two other defendants as well as other, partly unknown accomplices, broke into the pub by force, according to the indictment. Inside, the perpetrators are said to have shot a man in the upper body from a short distance. The victim died on the scene. Two other men were critically wounded by gunfire, but survived.

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The Cologne Regional Court has scheduled 25 trial days for the trial until mid-December. 

Sources used: dpa news agency

In Berlin, two out of four sauna club operators have been convicted of negligent homicide. In 2017, three people died in a fire in the club.

More than two and a half years after a fatal fire in a Berlin sauna club, two of the operators have been sentenced to suspended sentences. The Tiergarten district court sentenced the 42-year-old managing director and the 33-year-old operations manager on Friday for negligent homicide to suspended sentences of one and a half years and one year respectively. Both must also pay 3,000 euros to non-profit organizations. The second managing director charged was acquitted.

Prosecutors demanded prison terms for all defendants

The trigger of the fire in February 2017 with three fatalities is said to have been a discarded cigarette of a sauna visitor. The 37-year-old was initially accused, but was acquitted in the course of the proceedings. The 42-year-old managing director and the operations manager should have made sure that fire protection regulations were observed. 

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 During the serious fire in Berlin-Schöneberg, emergency exits were not illuminated and escape routes were blocked or obstructed. At that time, three guests could only be recovered dead. Another was seriously injured. The prosecution demanded prison terms for all four men during the trial. The judgment can still be appealed.

Sources used: AFP news agency

The case shocked Wuppertal: A pensioner is said to have been beaten to death by a youth gang in May. Now the trial against two alleged thugs has to be restarted because the victim’s family was not admitted as a joint plaintiff.

You are said to have beaten a pensioner half to death. That is why two 14-year-old intensive offenders have been standing before the district court in Wuppertal since October. The process started again on Wednesday. Because the family’s lawyer had lodged a complaint and won the case because the victim’s family was not admitted as a joint plaintiff.

The defendants are said to have attacked the 70-year-old so violently that the victim was critically injured and had to be cared for. The victim had a brain hemorrhage.

Suspected thugs are serious offenders

The police were already aware of the accused through numerous acts that they had committed as children. According to the public prosecutor’s office, one has more than 160 entries, the other around 60.

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The self-proclaimed “” Gucci gang “”, to which the investigators found around 15 children and adolescents belonged, attracted attention in Wuppertal for months through criminal acts. The process takes place in camera.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In the process of a fatal confrontation at a Nuremberg S-Bahn station, the defenders denied an intention to kill on Thursday. 

Two 16-year-olds fell into the track on the night of January 25th to 26th during an argument at the Frankenstadion S-Bahn station in Nuremberg, were swept away by a train and killed. Before the youth chamber of the Nuremberg-Fürth regional court, two young people aged 17 at the time of the offense had to answer for dangerous bodily harm resulting in death.

At the end of the investigation, the public prosecutor’s office had moved away from the original accusation of negligent homicide. The two defendants did not know that a train was to be expected at the time of the crime because the next scheduled S-Bahn was not due to arrive until ten minutes later.

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The defenders of the two accused denied an intention to kill on Thursday. According to the Youth Courts Act, the process is not public. Initially, four days of negotiations were scheduled until November 20th.

Sources used: dpa news agency

On Monday, a 21-year-old was sentenced to imprisonment in the process of attacking a Jewish professor in Bonn. He was charged with sedition.

In the trial of an attack on a Jewish professor in Bonn, the defendant was convicted of sedition. The court sentenced the 21-year-old to a total sentence of four and a half years – but this also includes an earlier conviction for a robbery of three years and nine months, which he is currently serving. The defendant was also convicted of insult in another case.

The German with Palestinian roots had confessed to having knocked the kippah off the head of the professor from the USA in Bonn’s Hofgarten several times in July 2018. “You have knocked a symbol of the Jewish faith off your head,” said the presiding judge, Susanne Grunert. This is likely to endanger the public peace. The prosecution had asked for four and a half years, the defense not more than four.

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Professor Jitzchak Jochanan Melamed was overpowered by police shortly after the incident because they mistakenly believed him to be the perpetrator. A subsequent investigation by the public prosecutor’s office came to the conclusion that the police could not prove any wrongdoing.

Melamed protested in a statement that was read out by his lawyer Carsten Ilius at the hearing on Monday. At the end of the negotiation, Ilius said: “” Jewish existence – and that is crazy – is becoming precarious again in Germany. “”

Sources used: dpa news agency

The trial against the “Revolution Chemnitz” was interrupted shortly after it began. A defendant’s attorney had requested that the public be excluded. However, he was unsuccessful.

At the start of the trial against the “” Revolution Chemnitz “” at the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Dresden on Monday, the public was temporarily excluded. The State Protection Chamber initially wanted to internally discuss a motion by a defense lawyer for the youngest defendant to hold the entire main hearing, including the reasons for the verdict, behind closed doors.

The lawyer referred to the need for protection of his client, who was still an adolescent at the time of the crime. The chairman, Hans Schlueter-Staats, interrupted the process for half an hour shortly after it began. The State Security Chamber rejects the application, however, and the main hearing is therefore being continued in public.

Accusation: formation of a right-wing terrorist association

The 21 to 32-year-old men are charged with forming a right-wing terrorist organization, five of them also for serious breach of the peace and one for dangerous bodily harm.