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Huge and graceful at the same time, they work wonders on the water

Huge and graceful at the same time, they work wonders on the water

Cornstarch can be replaced with potato starch, but then the sand will dry out, and it will need to be regularly diluted with water. 

If you want to make multi-colored sand, tint the starch with food colors and ordinary paints. 

Salty dough

Any figurines can be made from this material, they can be painted and decorated. 

Making salted dough is very easy to make. The classic recipe is a cup of salt, two cups of flour, a cup of warm water. 

Alternative recipe (the dough is more elastic): 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 1/4 cup salt, 2 teaspoons citric acid, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. 

Food coloring can be added if desired. 

Puffy paint or bulk paints

Puffy paint is an unusual paint that allows you to make your drawing three-dimensional. 

To prepare for the wonders of creativity, you need to take and mix the following ingredients: 

1/4 cup (30 g) flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 cup (70 g) salt 5 tablespoons water food colors

We take a thick album sheet (or paper for watercolors) and draw, remembering the technique of pointe painters – with dots, small strokes. 

As soon as the drawing is ready, put the future masterpiece in the microwave for 30 seconds. The paint will bake and increase in volume, it will turn out very beautifully!

Finger paint

All ingredients in them are edible, so these paints are suitable for the youngest artists. 

So, we mix the following ingredients:

1/4 cup cornstarch 3 tablespoons sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 cups cold water

Cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring until thickened. Put the cooled mixture into containers, add food coloring – and you’re done! Remember to close the containers tightly after painting. 

Giant crayons

Regular crayons for drawing – not your scale? Then we make big! You will need plaster, water, acrylic paints. 

You can use old markers or toilet paper cylinders as molds. To make the crayons easier to remove, continue the shape with plastic or wax paper. 

The manufacturing process does not take much time: mix 3 cups of gypsum with 1.5 cups of water, add dyes, pour into molds, leave to dry. 

Modeling dough 

This version of plasticine is similar to the popular Play doh – it is very soft and does not stick to your hands. 

Making it yourself is easy: you will need 1/2 cup flour, 1/2 cup water, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, 3 tablespoons salt, and 1 teaspoon powdered citric acid.

Stir the ingredients, heat the resulting mass in a pan, stirring constantly, then cool, mash, add the dye of the desired color, and if you want, you can even drop a little essential oil. 

You need to store the modeling dough only in closed jars!


You can also make your own modeling clay by mixing cornstarch (1 cup – 240 mg), 2 cups of baking soda, and 300 ml of water. 

Kneading and sculpting!


Cold porcelain

Another option for modeling mass: self-hardening, thin, pleasant to the touch. Cold porcelain can be used to make decorations, toy dishes, figurines – in short, whatever your heart desires!

Mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1/2 cup of cornstarch, add 3/4 cup of cold water, mix thoroughly and cook over low heat. 

The consistency of the mass should be similar to mashed potatoes. 

Cool it, mash thoroughly and place in a resealable container. Cool the resulting mass, knead it well and put it in a jar. 

Rainbow wax crayons

Are the wax crayons broken? No problem!

Collect the colored pieces, place them in silicone baking dishes and place in the oven. 

The result is unusual iridescent crayons of the original shape. 

The Moskvarium Center for Oceanography and Marine Biology continues to amaze: for the first time in the world, a New Year’s show is shown here, in which artists, musicians, acrobats, dancers, as well as inhabitants of the deep sea: dolphins, walruses, beluga whales and killer whales take part. 

From the first seconds of the show, viewers find themselves in a fantastic world: dolphins are dancing here, music is playing, and instead of the usual scene, the action unfolds simultaneously in a huge pool and on several adjacent platforms and even in the air.

The main characters of the story have to find their father – the legendary Captain Grant. It is not adults who are busy celebrating the New Year who go in search of him, but children. 

Young sailors will have to discover the amazing and wonderful world of the sea, meet sweet-voiced sirens, insidious mermaids, swim underwater in magic bubbles …

The plot develops very rapidly – the heroes travel, the scenery changes, and all the new characters appear on the stage: city residents, a seahorse saxophonist, a drummer crab, starfish, mermaid vocalists, trapeze artists, acrobats, “coloring” the northern lights and performing fantastic somersaults, snowmen, a group of fish and jellyfish on the dance floor – you can’t name them all!

Throughout the show, music sounds: popular hits in new arrangements. The songs are performed by the participants of the popular shows “Voice”, “Voice. Children “and” Main Stage “.

A real sensation in the hall was made by the performance of “sea divas” – walruses – accompanied by their retinue – trainers. 

Have you ever seen walruses dance? If not, then go to the Moskvarium – believe me, this is an unforgettable sight! By the way, they danced so contagiously that the audience in the hall could not resist and joined the “sea divas”. 

The audience greeted the appearance of the beluga whales on the water “stage” with real ovations, and the water giants demonstrated their skills in full: they danced, rolled the trainers on their backs, played and even sang – everything, like real artists!

As in a real New Year’s fairy tale, Santa Claus had to appear on the stage. But since the fairy tale in the Moskvarium is not an ordinary one, but a sea one, instead of deer the New Year’s wizard is helped by … orcas!

Huge and at the same time graceful, they work wonders on the water. 

Did the children find their father before the New Year, where Santa Claus lives and who he really is – we will find out about all this at the end of the performance. 

And, of course, what is the New Year without a tree? In the world of water magic in the Moskvarium, even a tree “grows” above the water literally out of nowhere. Everything is like in a real fairy tale! 

An All-Russian conference for leaders and specialists in the field of organizing and supporting the process of summer recreation and children’s health improvement was held in Moscow.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and FGAU GNII ITT “Informika”. The project for the formation of a bank of advanced programs and practices “Informika” has been implemented on the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for two years.

Independent experts evaluated the best solutions for organizing recreation for children and adolescents and, based on the results of the work done, compiled a data bank. The programs in it are distributed in six main directions: technical, natural how is beowulf an epic hero essay science, physical culture and sports, tourism and local history, social and pedagogical. In 2015, the number of participants exceeded 500, and the number of authoring developments increased from 265 to 311.

In 2014, the TOP-100 of the best programs was formed, and in 2015, experts assessed not only documents, but also analyzed reporting materials, photographs, videos, and, as a result, compiled the TOP-100 best practices.

The commission evaluated the author’s developments according to seven criteria, and for each of them a scale with individual points was developed: relevance and validity of novelty, target orientation, compliance with the social order and social and state needs; content; quality assessment system; methods of achieving goals and objectives; internal resource provision; compliance with the main directions.

When selecting the best practices, ten other criteria were taken into account: relevance, continuity, innovation, integrity, consistency, methodological literacy, realism, taking into account the age, individual, ethnocultural and other characteristics of the pupils, social significance, and effectiveness.

Each work was reviewed by 5 to 10 experts – it was an independent assessment procedure, none of its participants knew how many points his colleagues gave. Then all intermediate points were added up and the arithmetic mean was calculated. Based on the final estimates, the TOP-100 rating was compiled.

The conference participants paid special attention to programs in which orphans, children left without parental care, and children with disabilities can participate.