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It is precisely this attitude that encourages the opposition to dig deeper.

It is precisely this attitude that encourages the opposition to dig deeper.

This could lead to a heated debate, but no less controversial is the AfD’s welfare state and pension concept. The main motion tries to bring together the economically liberal ideas of the Southwest AfD around Meuthen and the ideas of the East AfD aimed at a strong welfare state. “” We are social without blushing, “said Chrupalla. Numerous amendments to the main motion should lead to a lively debate. Chrupalla wished his AfD a “” successful party congress with distance and decency “”. He reminded attendees that the party was receiving nationwide attention this weekend. This opportunity should be used.

In the latest RTL / ntv trend barometer, the party plunged to seven percent, its weakened value since July 2017. Source: ntv.de, shu “A fire speech by federal spokesman Meuthen caused anger to boil at the AfD party conference. Both camps, West German national liberals and the wing sympathizers, deliver a meaningful exchange of blows: In the AfD, the nerves are bare in view of the poor prospects. A comment by Sebastian Huld A critical speech by the federal spokesman Meuthen causes a lot of displeasure in parts of the AfD a motion to reprimand Meuthen.

It just fails, but it doesn’t settle the conflict. By Sebastian Huld Federal spokesman Meuthen presents himself militantly at the party conference of his deeply divided AfD: He criticizes the appearance of the Bundestag faction in the Corona debate, opposes Nazi comparisons and alliances with lateral thinkers. AfD parliamentary group leader Gauland calls the speech “” divisive “”.

By Sebastian Huld One title gone, but now a new party position: After Franziska Giffey renounced her doctorate in her plagiarism affair, she was elected to the top of the Berlin SPD with a strong result. The Federal Minister for Family Affairs has a plan for the capital. By Sebastian Huld Because of the pandemic, the Greens are relocating their groundbreaking policy party conference to the Internet. This succeeds, but at the expense of the culture of argument.

This special party congress also contains a number of other insights. By Sebastian Huld In the coming spring, he wants to become Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg again: Winfried Kretschmann is the politically most powerful Green. At the federal party congress, he urged his party to compromise in order to achieve an even greater goal in autumn 2021. By Sebastian Huld The Greens, who ranked second in polls, are pushing the federal government with vigor. At its digital party conference on the new basic program, the party is determined and united.

With a view to the federal election, this must be of particular concern to the CDU. A comment by Sebastian Huld In his political speech at the party conference of the Greens, Co-Chairman Habeck campaigns for society to be reunited.https://123helpme.me/biology-essay-writing-service/ To do this, more must be invested, including through a wealth tax.

He appeals to his party to take the lead in the country. By Sebastian Huld The Greens are giving themselves a new basic program at their party congress after 18 years: Driven by their historic mission to slow down climate change, the party is pushing into the federal government. For this, the party is positioning itself more broadly, which is not only met with enthusiasm.

By Sebastian Huld At the center of Donald Trump’s efforts to turn the election result is the embattled state of Georgia. There the top election overseer is exposed to personal attacks. And reports on a dubious call from Washington. By Sebastian Huld The first post-election surveys paint a clear picture of Trump’s voters: rural, white, less educated and, above all, enthusiastic about the incumbent.

The Biden voters, on the other hand, wanted primarily to get rid of Trump. One population group surprised. By Sebastian Huld On the first day of the new partial lockdown, Chancellor Merkel encouraged the Germans and appealed to their common sense: If the virus spread can be slowed down in the coming weeks, there could be a “” bearable December.

By Sebastian Huld The Islamist threat was never gone, but it hits France with renewed force this autumn. The attack with three dead in Nice shows: Terror is taking on new forms – and the fight against it takes a long breath. By Sebastian Huld The Chancellor’s government declaration on the renewed partial lockdown turns into a violent exchange of blows. Heckling from the AfD disrupt Merkel’s speech. The Chancellor warns against “” lies and disinformation “”.

There is also harsh criticism from the FDP, Union faction leader Brinkhaus reacts passionately. By Sebastian Huld At the weekend, Federal Family Minister Giffey wants to be elected as co-chair of the Berlin SPD. Before the state party congress, however, she catches up with the plagiarism affair in her doctoral thesis.

By Sebastian Huld Hardly any other industry has been hit as hard by the Covid pandemic as the hospitality industry. The protective measures are aimed primarily at bars and pubs. Their operators feel they are being tamed by politics and they defend themselves against what they believe to be absurd regulations. By Sebastian Huld, Berlin Boris Johnson does not finally break off negotiations with the EU on future economic relations as threatened.

This shows how much the British side has miscalculated in its negotiation strategy. But this insight also offers an opportunity – for both sides. A comment by Sebastian Huld The results of the Corona summit fall short of the ideas of the Corona hardliners around Chancellor Merkel. Nevertheless, the country is again taking a tough course to keep the pandemic small.

This strategy puts everything on one card: a vaccine in the coming year. By Sebastian Huld Many areas of business and everyday life are being designed more and more efficiently in order to achieve climate goals. From the perspective of the Greens, however, a blind spot is still the construction industry, which produces a lot of CO2 emissions and destroys landscapes.

You submit a concept for a “” building turnaround “”. By Sebastian Huld The announced chaos reaction to the eviction of a left-wing residential project in Berlin has remained manageable. But what gives food for thought: Greens and leftists, who are also striving for power in the federal government, are incapable of criticizing marauding left-wing extremists.

A comment by Sebastian Huld Unusual praise from the General Secretary of the SPD: “” There are currently two people in the country who stand for successful crisis management and stability, and they are Angela Merkel and Olaf Scholz, “” said Lars Klingbeil in an interview with ntv .de. There is hope associated with praise. Germany’s radical left scene sees the planned clearance of a left-wing residential project in Berlin as an occasion for a major uprising. The police are preparing for the evacuation on Friday with thousands of forces. The red-red-green Senate is finding it difficult to deal with the conflict.

By Sebastian Huld The Belarusian opposition leader Tichanovskaya, who has been driven into exile, visits the German capital for the first time. At an evening event, she gives insights into the opposition’s strategy and explains how Germany and Europe can help in the fight against Lukashenko. By Sebastian Huld The employment agency had to process 14 times as many applications for short-time allowance in the Corona year as in the crisis year 2009.

Placement, advice and further training only take place to a limited extent – to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of new unemployed people. By Sebastian Huld The publication of Trump’s tax documents by the “” New York Times “” comes very inconvenient for the US president shortly before the election. Ultimately, his fairy tale is exposed by the economic genius. But the affair doesn’t have to hurt him. By Sebastian Huld After the partly right-wing radical protests against the Corona policy, the display of the so-called Reich war flag is expected to be prohibited.

Many other symbols of the German Empire will probably also be seen publicly in the future. What they stand for is clear. By Sebastian Huld Three months before the end of the Brexit transition phase, it is still unclear what rules British companies will be able to use to deliver to the EU in the future.

The British government fears mega congestion – and wants to make the county of Kent the EU front yard for exporters. By Sebastian Huld Unfortunate oversight or cheap joke at the expense of a woman? When Christian Lindner said goodbye to General Secretary Teuteberg, who had been sawn off by him, at the FDP party congress, he earned laughter for a supposedly suggestive allusion. The network is raging, Lindner feels misunderstood. By Sebastian Huld The polls are weak, the chairman’s image is scratched: a year before the general election, the FDP is trying to turn things around.

Christian Lindner conjures a return to liberal issues, especially in economic policy. And emerges stronger from the party congress. By Sebastian Huld The fire in Moria draws new attention to the hopeless situation of tens of thousands of people in Europe’s refugee camps.

A solution is not foreseeable because many different actors are responsible. An overview of the failure. By Sebastian Huld The general election took place 15 years ago today, which brought Angela Merkel to the Chancellery for an undreamt-of long time. The result was a defeat for the CDU chairwoman – and an occasion for an incredibly wide-legged appearance by a stubborn incumbent. By Sebastian Huld The meeting of the finance committee on the Wirecard affair remained largely inconclusive: the secret services did not want to know anything and the federal government only represented economic interests.

It is precisely this attitude that encourages the opposition to dig deeper. By Sebastian Huld The chairwoman of the Greens, Annalena Baerbock, speaks at a book presentation on the occasion of the CDU’s 75th anniversary.

In her speech, the potential Green Chancellor candidate emphasizes the unifying factors and confidently gives advice. Sebastian Huld, Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, bans the corona protests in the capital. This is understandable, but ultimately counterproductive. Geisel confirms the most radical among the critics of the pandemic measures.

A comment by Sebastian Huld On Saturday tens of thousands of opponents of the Corona policy want to demonstrate again in Berlin. For the first time, prominent AfD politicians are drumming for the event, as are right-wing extremists. The AfD apparently senses an opportunity in the corona anger. By Sebastian Huld Berlin’s outgoing mayor wants to go to the Bundestag, but is struggling with headwinds. State Secretary Sawsan Chebli in particular has been criticized for her candidacy against Müller.

Wrongly: Even deserving politicians are not entitled to follow-up use. A comment by Sebastian Huld The past week brought hardly any movement to the Sunday question. The FDP and the Greens lose a percentage point, which must cause concern for the Liberals. The stagnating values ​​at Union and SPD are likely to cloud the mood of the Scholz troop. By Sebastian Huld Nationwide school administrators and teachers have to implement regular operations under pandemic conditions these days.

Sometimes it works better, sometimes less. In the capital, however, there is a huge crunch. At the center of massive accusations: the long-standing Senator for Education Scheeres. By Sebastian Huld It is one of the most dangerous conspiracy myths on the net: The colorfully mixed QAnon scene spreads stories of secret societies drinking children’s blood and other horror stories.

Facebook and Twitter recognize the risk, while US President Trump is encouraging the turmoil of this world. By Sebastian Huld The federal government’s relations with its ally in Washington are bad for many reasons. But the US is fighting the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project with particularly perfidious means.

This is also because the country wants to sell its own natural gas. By Sebastian Huld Schools have resumed in many countries, but the requirements for masks in school are angry with many parents and students. Resistance is forming – also with the help of medically unfounded certificates. By Sebastian Huld On the weekend, two police officers appear as speakers at various demonstrations against the Corona measures.

Both are now threatened with severe sanctions, one is suspended. The Hanover police say that officials can express themselves freely – but separately from official activities. By Sebastian Huld Olaf Scholz’s candidacy for chancellor does not trigger any euphoria, not even in the SPD. Nevertheless, one can congratulate the comrades on this clever personnel decision.

It is the expression of a new pragmatism before a fateful choice for the Social Democrats. A comment by Sebastian Huld Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania starts on Monday. NRW, Berlin and other federal states follow a week later: the schools are returning to face-to-face teaching, in each state according to their own rules.

The principle of trial and error applies. By Sebastian Huld Some do not wear mouth and nose protection at all, others intentionally leave their noses exposed: A minority of mask refusers spoil the majority of the daily trips by bus and train as well as long-distance travel. Passing the problem on to the sensible passengers is not a solution.

A comment by Sebastian Huld The President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler, is worried about previous successes in the fight against the coronavirus in view of the increasing number of infections. He urgently warns the population against careless behavior. His motto: AHA instead of “” Oh-oh! “”. By Sebastian Huld After four days of struggle, they are still standing: the EU budget for the next seven years and a special fund against the Corona economic crisis.

The money is distributed very unevenly and is at the expense of long-term investments. Brussels becomes financially more independent. An analysis by Sebastian Huld Showdown in Brussels, serious words and tense expressions: whenever there is something important to decide in the European Union, the great drama is staged at a summit meeting. The show covers up the content, which in the end does more harm than good to the EU.

A comment by Sebastian Huld This weekend will decide how the countries of the European Union will get through the next few years. From the big, common departure out of the Corona crisis to the ultimate test, everything is possible. The sums involved are as immense as the differences of opinion.

By Sebastian Huld While the police are defending themselves against accusations of structural racism, right-wing extremists use police databases for threatening emails against politicians and women with a migration background.