We really need your help - Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti.

Our Story

Who We Are.

Mr.&Mrs. Wilchelson J. Noel
Mission Director
T: 321-805-1039
E: info@sfimo.org

Years ago woman with a gold heart started the Ministry and founder of the Church Ambassador Aux Cayes, Haiti. She was a mother and a hero .She left this earth went to be with her father, Lord. Her daughter leads to continue on with the ministry with stronger heart and willing desire. She left Haiti went to New York worked for many years until her body and her health can not any longer handle the pressure and the weather in New York, she went back to Haiti to continue to work in the ministry hand’s on. In 2004.

I met her while I was working at her brother office She did not know too much about me except she knew I am a servant of the Lord as a result, after watching, she came to me, and said she has a ministry in Haiti that she would like me to take over. I replied I couldn’t accept a ministry because I have a pastor over me. I told her I would make an appointment for her with my pastor and me to meet, she agreed.

I explained the situation to Pastor David Pierre (my pastor) his heart moved with compassion and wildly opened to meet her. After much prayer for direction, he accepted to lead the ministry in the Lord. We invested our time, our love and money into the ministry to keep the legacy of a mother a daughter with the heart of God and the love for people going. A ministry that we want to continue, a community that is dying of hanger, lack of education, no healthcare, a city that needs the Lord.

Will you help us to continue to make this world a better place…Touch a child; reach out an adult and to build blocks for a family.

Wilchelson Noel /Pastor

Our Location

Merci, Haiti is located in the South West part of Haiti, near Les Cayes.

Reaching the world with the Love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 5:42 – Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away